Full Moon Safety Tips

By far, the majority of the Full Moon Party guests are happy, good natured, fun-loving and only have one thing on their mind… A GREAT NIGHT OUT!

However, anywhere in the world where there are up to fourty thousand party goers, in various stages of intoxication, all in the one place, there is potential for unexpected or less than desirable situations to occur.

Fortunately, with the use of only the basic common sense, staying out of trouble is easily achieved!

Don’t take anything of value to the party that you would like or expect to come home with you. This applies to excess money, credit cards, passports, cameras, original sunglasses, jewelry and shoes. You should only take enough cash to cover your night expenses, buy and wear a cheap pair of flip-flops or shoes and take “copy” sunglasses, if needed.

Petty theft, pick-pocketing and late night “opportunistic” theft is common at the party itself. Stay in groups and decide on an easy to find and remember “home base” early in the night. If you are staing in Koh Phangan, secure your valuables in your in-room safe or with your hotel or accommodation’s reception, prior to leaving.

Drugs are illegal in Thailand, even the smallest offence ccan change your life forever. Do not be tempted or talked into drinking or consuming anything you have not seen opened or prepared.

Stay out of the sea! Full Moon brings with it a strong current, other party goers cannot hear calls for help above the music being played.

The drink of choice at Full Moon Parties is the famous and commonly shared “Thai Bucket”. Only accept drinks from people you know.

Have an unforgettable and safe Full Moon Party